Aurelien LonniAcoustic Consultant

BPC Acoustique

Acoustic Consultant

Meng, MSFA

In 2011, Aurélien graduated from the general engineering school INSA Centre Val de Loire (former ENIVL) in Blois, France. Passionate about sound and sensitive to noise pollution in the environment, he concluded his course with a master in acoustics at the Polytechnic University of Valencia (Spain). After five years as NVH engineer in the car industry, Aurélien joined our team in Valence in September 2016 to devote his knowledge and his skills to the improvement of wellbeing of people subjected to noise pollution.

Environmental Impact Assessment

Aurélien regularly undertakes noise impact assessments in the Rhone Valley for pubs and nightclubs. The maximum inside noise level and the emergences in the neighbourhood are tested, then insulation specifications and acoustic limiter settings are computed. Aurélien also makes assessments for industrial noise from classified installations. The main sources are identified and the noise in propriety limits and neighbourhood is tested and confronted with the legislation. Those assessments are led in accordance with NF S 31-010.

Sound Insulation façade

The Valence team undertakes several renovation projects for railway noise sensitive receivers buildings in collaboration with SNCF Réseau. Aurélien audits those buildings and gives specifications to strengthen its acoustic and energetic performance. Once works are completed, they are received and validated with sound insulation tests.

Sound Insulation Testing

In new buildings as in renovation, Aurélien is able to make specific insulation testing (airborne, vibrations, façade, equipment…) to determine the acoustic performance and to confront it with the legislation. When nonconformities are detected, specifications are established to correct the acoustic performance.

Room acoustic

The French team works on acoustic correction in public spaces. Aurélien goes in the field to test the acoustic criteria of the studied space (reverberations time, sound insulation…), then 3D models and calculations are done to improve those acoustic parameters depending on the use of the room.

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