RMP Acoustic Consultants have a wide experience in industrial noise reduction and environmental noise control. We provide consultancy services for the assessment of noise from transportation, industry, commercial developments, construction activity, entertainment venues, recreational activities, utility services and agriculture.

In addition RMP Acoustic Consultants regularly assess environmental noise sources against the specific requirements of individual local authorities, including the stringent inaudibility criteria.

RMP Acoustic Consultants regularly provide environmental noise control assessments against these standards:

  • BS 4142:1997 – Method for Rating industrial noise affecting mixed residential and industrial areas
  • BS 5228 – Noise and vibration control on construction and open sites
  • BS 5363:1976 – Measurement of reverberation time in auditoria
  • BS 6472:1992 – Guide to Evaluation of human exposure to vibration in buildings (1 Hz to 80 Hz)
  • BS 7445-1:2003 – Description and measurement of environmental noise — Part 1: Guide to quantities and procedures
  • BS 8233:1999 – Sound insulation and noise reduction for buildings – Code of Practice
  • BS EN ISO 17201-2:2006 Noise from shooting ranges
  • BS7445-2:1991 – Description and measurement of environmental noise — Part 2: Guide to the acquisition of data pertinent to land use
  • BS7445-3:1991 – Description and measurement of environmental noise — Part 3: Guide to application to noise limits
  • CRN Calculation of Railway Noise
  • CRTN Calculation of Road Traffic Noise
  • ETSU R 97 – The Assessment and Rating of Noise from Wind Farms
  • IPPC – Guidance on the control of Noise at PPC Installations
  • NANR45 –Measurement and assessment of complaints concerned with low-frequency noise
  • Noise at Work – Guidance for employers on the control of noise at work regulations 2005
  • Noise Insulation regulations ( Scotland)
  • PAN 50 Controlling the environmental effects of surface mineral workings
  • PAN 56 Planning Noise Assessment Guidelines
  • PPG 24 Planning and Noise Assessment Guidelines ( England)
  • WHO Guidelines for Community Noise

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