RMP Acoustic Consultants provide expert advice on vibration measurement and analysis. Our comprehensive engineering advice on problem resolution takes into account the long-term structural integrity and enhanced engineering performance.

Our consultants are members of the Institute of Acoustics and The Independent Airtightness Testing Scheme (iATS) and are experienced in planning, collection, analysis, and interpretation of ground-borne vibration data.

We undertake vibration measurement and analysis on new residential developments – at railway track-sides, alongside highways (both urban and rural), in tunnels (both road and rail), on piled foundation construction sites, and across a broad spectrum of commercial and retail developments.

We regularly act as expert witnesses in planning enquiries and insurance claim resolutions. The latter includes site vibration assessment, data synthesis and analysis to assist dispute and claim resolution. We strongly recommend that vibration testing be carried out on development sites at an early stage, before it becomes an expensive post-completion problem. This allows our expert team to provide tailored advice which can significantly reduce the risk of failure following completion. It can also reduce the level of material and remedial measures necessary to meet vibration isolation guidelines.

From 2009 we have also been providing hand-arm vibration assessments and whole body vibration assessments.

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