Nicolas HenryAcoustic Consultant

BPC Acoustique

    Acoustic Consultant

    Beng MSc

    Nicolas graduated in 2011 from the University of Rouen in France, with 2.1 honours engineering degree; specialising in Energy Control. After completing a 6 months placement as part of his degree within the Scottish Energy Centre at Edinburgh Napier University, Nicolas worked on several projects to improve energy efficiency in construction, as well as projects on more varied items such as heated showers and boilers. Nicolas joined RMP in 2012 to work as a thermal consultant within the French team, based at the Valence office in the South of France.


    In September 2012, Nicolas successfully completed an advanced thermal course and became accredited as an expert in energy renovation solutions.

    Sound Insulation façade

    As part of the Valence team, Nicolas undertakes several renovation projects for railway noise sensitive receivers buildings. Nicolas identifies the weaknesses of insulation of the dwelling’s façade and give specifications to strengthen its acoustic and energetic performance by the replacement of windows and the improvement of the ventilation system.


    Nicolas completed the training “ventilation in renovation works” from Evonia in October 2015.


    Nicolas took part in the 2015 research project which led to the publication of the article “2015-improvement-of-thermal-insulation-of-residential-buildings-facades-via-acoustic-insulation” (J.A.E. Paris-Newton et al. / Energy Procedia 78 (2015) 3446 – 3451).

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