The Auralisation Suite was designed as a joint project between RMP and the School of Computing and is an acoustically deadened room that contains 32 loudspeakers and 4 subwoofers that allows the reproduction of many noise environments to give clients subjective and audible assessments of design decisions to aid cost/benefit analysis.

RMP are one of the few UK acoustic consultancies that have a dedicated Auralisation Suite and we utilise this room for both research and commercial activities. 

Example of its research use was for the 10 year review of Part E of the England and Wales building regulations.

We also use the suite to enhance our client’s experience of their project at an early stage in design, such as the atrium within the Rowett Institute or the bedrooms overlooking the Royal Mile within the Missoni hotel. The suite is used in conjunction with RMP’s 3D modelling of spaces in Odeon.

Example of its commercial use was for undertaking listening tests for commercial project with the client making a £0.5m saving on the use of building foundation isolators.

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