RMP acoustic consultants have extensive experience in providing construction site noise and vibration monitoring across a wide range of sites. RMP acoustic consultants can also provide Noise Impact Assessments of proposed construction activity in accordance with BS 5228 – Noise and vibration control on construction and open sites and provide noise mitigation recommendations and noise management plans.

There may be a contract requirement that no vibration caused by the demolition works is perceptible within the neighbouring buildings or that the vibration caused by the demolition does not cause damage to the structure of adjacent constructions. RMP acoustic consultants can monitor vibration and noise levels prior to the demolition and/or constructions works to establish background vibration levels.

RMP acoustic consultants can both monitor and report on the vibration measurements undertaken during the trial heavy demolition works and ‘soft strip’ construction activities.

An AVA vibration monitoring station with remote online monitoring is usually set up on site at the agreed location providing continuous monitoring and measurement of ground vibration and noise.

Vibration measurements can be undertaken in terms of Peak Particle Velocity (mm/s) and noise sources are assessed against the specific requirements of local authorities, including the stringent inaudibility criteria.

RMP acoustic consultants are trained in the use of non-invasive or minimal disturbance inspection techniques should there be an issue with dismantling building fabrics, and they have a full range of monitoring equipment at their disposal.

Areas of expertise and standards used for this service:

  • BS 4142:2014– Method for Rating industrial noise affecting mixed residential and industrial areas
  • BS 5228 – Noise and vibration control on construction and open sites
  • BS 6472:1992 – Guide to Evaluation of human exposure to vibration in buildings (1 Hz to 80 Hz)
  • BS 7445-1:2003 – Description and measurement of environmental noise — Part 1: Guide to quantities and procedures
  • BS7445-2:1991 – Description and measurement of environmental noise — Part 2: Guide to the acquisition of data pertinent to land use
  • BS7445-3:1991 – Description and measurement of environmental noise — Part 3: Guide to application to noise limits
  • NANR45 –Measurement and assessment of complaints concerned with low-frequency noise
  • Noise at Work – Guidance for employers on the control of noise at work regulations 2005
  • PAN 50 Controlling the environmental effects of surface mineral workings
  • PAN 1/2011 Planning Advice Note, Planning and Noise
  • WHO Guidelines for Community Noise

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