RMP acoustic consultants provide support to clients during the build phase of a project by offering our services as site inspectors.

Regular or ad-hoc inspections can be arranged to ensure that detailing on site is being undertaken to the required standards and our service also includes technical advice for any issue that may become apparent as a result of an inspection.

This service has been found to be beneficial on residential, commercial and education projects.

Our inspection team are all registered testers under the Association of Noise Consultants and are all members of the Institute of Acoustics. In addition RMP acoustic consultants currently provide 10% of all Robust Details Inspectors for England and Wales. Our inspectors are trained in the use of non-invasive or minimal disturbance inspection techniques should there be an issue with dismantling building fabrics.

RMP acoustic consultants have a full range of borescope and thermographic equipment at their disposal.

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