• Gym equipment and weights create impact noise and vibration
  • Gym equipment and weights create impact noise and vibration

Fitness clubs and Gyms, UK & Overseas

Client: Pure Gym, Anytime Fitness, F45, Fitness Park, G2G.

Project team: David Chapman, Richard Mackenzie

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RMP acoustic consultants have worked on hundreds of existing and proposed gyms, across the UK and overseas.  Acoustic Consultant David Chapman also sits on the IOA- ANC working group for the new UK Gym Noise Guidance ProPG2 which launched on 29th March 2023.

Gym Noise projects often involve undertaking a series of noise breakout tests in existing gyms (or at proposed locations). Impact noise and airborne noise are two types of adverse noise breakout associated with Gyms. Both types of noise breakout are typically worse at the low frequencies associated with bass amplified music and weight drops onto the building structure.

RMP consultants create controlled testing conditions to reproduce the type of noisy environment found in Gyms, for instance by playing amplified music tracks with repetitive bass and measuring the overall sound levels in adjacent rooms. For the impact tests specifically, RMP consultants produce a series of controlled impacts on different types of resilient materials. Part of a controlled impact test requires, for example, three consecutive 25 kg kettlebell drops from approximately 1 m waist height onto existing and/or proposed rubber flooring.

RMP consultants have also built a wealth of experience in providing mitigation recommendations to improve adverse noise situations. Examples of recommendation include implementing strategic placement of sound speakers mounted with acoustic proprietary mounts and installing noise limiters and/or absorptive Class A acoustic panels across wall surfaces.

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