The Lemon Tree Arts Centre, Aberdeen

Client: Aberdeen Performing Arts

Architect: Richard Murphy Architects

Project value: £10m

Project team: David Chapman

Iconic music venue located in the centre of Aberdeen, the Lemon Tree is internationally recognised for uncovering talents from the Scottish music scene. The venue, opened 30 years ago, is now going through a redevelopment and upgrade led by Aberdeen Performing Arts and Richard Murphy Architects.

RMP was initially commissioned by Richard Murphy Architects to provide an acoustic overview of the changes associated with the proposed remodelling of the Lemon Tree Arts Centre. The acoustic intent, as with any other performance building project, is to mitigate, as much as is reasonably possible, adverse noise affecting adjacent spaces and providing a suitable noise environment (reverberation and ambient noise) within each space in the venue. RMP subsequently provided Stage 3 design input and advice, which was recently completed and will await the outcome of the formal planning application before moving onto the next phases of the scheme.

Images courtesy of Richard Murphy Architects.

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