O2 Academy, Eglinton Street, Glasgow

Client: McKenzie Group Ltd

Project Value: Burns Design

Project value: £3m

Project team: Richard Mackenzie

Located on Eglinton Street, the Glaswegian institution opened its doors in 1921 as the New Bedford Cinema before rising to prominence as the Apollo Theatre during the 1970s. In the early 2000s, the building underwent renovations overseen by the McKenzie Group and was rebranded as Carling Academy Glasgow.

During this transformation, RMP consultants conducted an environmental noise assessment to facilitate its conversion into a concert venue. They evaluated the existing sound insulation levels and provided recommendations for enhancing insulation and implementing noise control measures to mitigate the high volume of music noise emanating from the venue.

Today, under the name O2 Academy, the venue continues to host exceptional live music events, attracting audiences from Glasgow and beyond. Many of us eagerly await the next memorable night spent within its historic walls.

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