Simon Square, Edinburgh

Client: Seven Hills Property

Architect: Fraser / Livingstone Architects

Contractor: True Build Trade Services Ltd

Project team: Clement Luciani, Russell Macdonald

Nestled in the south side of Edinburgh, on a classic Old Town Square, Simon Square is a beautiful mass timber structure comprising 6 flats with exposed internal Cross Laminated Timber (CLT). RMP consultants developed an acoustic design strategy for this unique building, in consultation with specialist structural isolator product manufacturers and the design team led by Fraser / Livingstone Architects. The Design team worked to achieve the requirements of Section 5 Noise of the Scottish Domestic Technical Standards, a first time endeavour for a flatted residential project that have fully exposed CLT wall surfaces.

This was a challenging project where the Client wanted to expose as much CLT as possible within the proposed flats while at the same time comfortably meet the onerous Scottish regulatory targets for sound insulation. RMP developed a bespoke isolating system at the junction between CLT panels, including isolation at joint between panels and at fixing brackets. The system aimed to control flanking noise transmissions vertically across flats to allow all CLT walls to remain exposed. The system worked very well and obtained very good sound insulation test results. RMP also undertook completion air tightness testing for the development which also obtained excellent results.

The project’s Architects were awarded the Gold Award in the residential category at the Scottish Design Awards 2023. The projects is also shortlisted for the 2024 RIAS Awards – Scotland’s national architecture awards.

Images Credit: Fraser / Livingstone Architects

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