IPPC Noise Assessments at two SLG sites

Client: SLG Technology Limited

Project Value: £19k

Project team: Russell Macdonald

As Scotland’s environmental regulator, SEPA are responsible for issuing and monitoring Pollution Prevention and Control permits to businesses. These permits include noise, and place an onus for continual improvement and regular impact assessment onto companies.

The assessment protocols have recently been confirmed within SEPA’s ‘On the control of noise at PPC installations’ guidelines, which are based upon BS 4142, ‘Method for rating industrial noise affecting mixed residential and industrial areas’.

RMP has undertaken thousands of such commercial impact assessments, for companies undertaking sandblasting to superchip manufacturing, and is particularly keen to develop long-term relationships with companies wishing to manage their noise emissions.

RMP has provided Pollution Prevention Control consultancy to the Scottish Leather Group (SLG) at two of their sites for the past 5 years.  Work included site wise systematic appraisal, determination of Best Available Techniques (mitigation appraisal) and noise complaint investigation.

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