Air Tightness Testing at Sanderson Building, Edinburgh

Client: The University of Edinburgh

Project team: Russell Macdonald, Dale Porteous, Gareth Henderson

The classical Sanderson Building is found within the University of Edinburgh’s King’s Buildings’ campus and hosts the School of Engineering. As part of an internal research and energy efficiency project, involving students, lecturers, and the University of Edinburgh’s estates department, RMP were commissioned to undertake the Air Tightness Testing and leak detection services of the 1930’s construction.

The subject building was selected as a model for study and upgrade of the University’s Estate portfolio, for which results and specifications could be applied to buildings of a similar nature.

Co-ordination of ventilation sealing requirements and fire alarm isolation with the estates team was key to undertaking Air Tightness testing within tight out-of-hours building usage. Despite the building’s age, its heavy weight robust construction yielded a reasonable Air Tightness result that parties agreed was indicative elsewhere within the University.

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